The Puffer Jacket Every Girl Needs

Attention ladies! PSA!!! I have found the most adorable puffer jacket ever created that- hear me out- actually keeps you warm! *gasp!*

I found this jacket by Orolay on Amazon + after reading the reviews decided to give it a shot. I'm very picky when it comes to clothes + tend to be skeptical when it comes to buying things online, especially from new brands. However, this purchase did NOT disappoint!

Besides being adorable, the jacket is also very versatile for different body types. Ya girl (aka me!) has wide hips + I had trouble zipping up the jacket as is. Luckily, this jacket has a zipper on each side of the jacket from the bottom of the coat going up towards the "armpit" area. I unzipped the coat a bit on the sides + it zipped up perfectly up my front! Yay!

This jacket is also extremely warm! I bought it with the intentions of wearing it to New York (however, this trip got postponed due to COVID-19) but it was still put to good use as Sacramento Winter transitioned into Spring. I will definitely wear this when the trip gets rescheduled + have no doubt it will keep me nice + cozy! 

I made this a more casual look since I knew we would be doing a lot of walking as we explored the city, so I paired the jacket with a simple black long sleeve bodysuit, high-waisted jeans, + sneakers. All of which are linked below!


Thank you so much for reading my blog! I would recommend this jacket 10/10 to every girl who has to endure any kind of winter weather. Especially if you're a total baby when it comes to cold weather like me!

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