The #InstaWorthy Art Installation You Need to See

Ahhh I am so excited to write about this totally #instaworthy art installation! I had been seeing this all over Instagram but OF COURSE with no address anywhere to be found or location tagged. *face palm emoji*

But thanks to my incredible investigative skills, I figured it out! And I'm excited to share details about it below.


The Subtile by Federico Diaz


Maps Tip: There isn't an exact address, so just type in the name of the installation + it should pop up.  If you're like me though + want an address just to make sure you're in the general right area, type in: River Walk Trail, West Sacramento, CA 95691.


Such a beautiful art installation in the most random location! The art installation is right off the bike trail, along the east side of the American River. It is close to the food + music venue called "Drakes: The Barn," so you could park there + walk down the trail towards it. (And get a drink there afterwards, which I highly recommend!)

Or, you could park on the street as close to the installation as you can get + walk across the field to get to it. Just watch out for critters!


The 40 foot Subtile installation consists of a steel frame covered in over 4,000 2-inch, laser cut steel discs. The discs are the leaves designed to flutter in the wind and emulate the trees along the Sacramento River.

The artist's concept in creating artwork of this type is to make invisible things visible. The concept behind the design is to create what appears to be an error in landscape while blending with the scenery.

I was super impressed by this art installation + found it incredibly #instaworthy. I was also so surprised to hear it making noise with the wind- truly worth the drive to admire.

Thank you for reading my blog about the Subtile, I hope you enjoyed reading it + add this art installation to your Instagram bucket list!

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