The Champion Comeback I'm Not Mad About

I can't be the only one who remembers the brand "Champion" being sold at stores like Wal-mart, right?! What was once a low-budget line is now being sold at Nordstrom's + can be seen being worn by big names, such as Kylie Jenner!

If you told me in the early 2000s that this would happen, I definitely wouldn't have believed you! That being said, I'm also not mad about it! Many of you know that I am a huge advocate for comfy casual + Champion being "back in" gives me the opportunity to rock their sweatshirts while also looking on trend!

Check out how I styled one of their men's navy blue pullovers that I snagged off of Amazon for a reasonable price! I paired it with a pair of Spanx camouflage leggings, layered gold necklaces, + white accessories (ECCO shoes, purse, + scrunchie of course). All pieces linked below!


Thank you so much for reading this short + sweet little blog about my new love for the Champion brand! Between you + me... I haven't taken the pullover off in a few days- it's so comfy!

Have you jumped in on this trend, too? Did you like how I styled this look? Let me know on Instagram by sending me a DM on Instagram by clicking HERE!

Can't wait to hear from you!