Body Posi Spotlight: Iskra Lawrence

I have decided to write about Iskra Lawrence in my first "Body Posi Spotlight" segment because she is the first body positive role model that I discovered on Instagram. When I came upon her profile, I was soooo happy because I felt like I had finally (FINALLY!!!) found a model who had the same body shape as mine!

I could instantly tell she was proud of her curves + confident with her body. That confidence was contagious + kickstarted my entire body positive blogger journey.

When she first entered the modeling industry, Iskra struggled with body image + tried to change her figure to meet unrealistic beauty standards, even if that meant having an unhealthy relationship with food + exercise.

She is very transparent about this time in her life and occasionally shares "then + now" photos of herself like the one below, speaking to how much happier she is now both physically + mentally. Iskra is an amazing AerieREAL role model + proud ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association.

What I love most about Iskra is that she truly seems like a genuine + kind human being. She shares her highs + her lows with her followers, but also keeps some things private- like the gender of her new baby! (so excited to find out *heart eyes emoji*) She is constantly giving back in any way she can + teaching women around the world how to love their bodies + embrace their individuality.

On behalf of her incredible "Every Body Is Beautiful" campaign, Iskra states on her website:

"I believe #EveryBODYisBeautiful! I’m a champion of body diversity + self-care, + have long been committed to improving the image of women in the media."

Iskra is one of the most prominent leaders in the body positivity movement + I highly recommend checking her out on Instagram HERE if you are in need of some serious body positive inspiration! 

And as always, if you have any questions or just want to be friends, send me a DM on Instagram HERE!