Getting Started: Blogging 101

If you've come upon this blog, that means that you are interested in starting your own blog! How exciting! I believe that everyone with a passion should create a blog to share with the world + I am here to support you 100% in your journey.

I'd like to begin by saying, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! I started my Instagram blog (@kimberlycobb) in January of 2019 + my website blog ( aka where you're reading this!) in December of 2019. In one year, I managed to grow my following to 10K, land paid partnerships with incredible brands such as VS PINK, Neutrogena, + FabFitFun, & turn blogging into a full-time career.

With my help, self-discipline, + passion, you can do the same! Don’t forget to pin this blog on Pinterest for future reference + to follow me on Instagram for more daily tips + inspo!

frequently asked questions

I figured I would set this blog up in a Q + A format since I get asked these questions often! If one of your questions isn’t answered below, feel free to DM me on Instagram HERE!

I want to take the plunge + be more serious about Instagram. What’s the best advice you can give me?

The best advice I can give you is to be consistent! I started with less than 1,000 followers on my personal profile. When I decided to take Instagram seriously, I archived all my old pictures, changed my Instagram to a business account, + learned how to edit pictures with the photo editing app called Lightroom.

I found that consistently engaging with people in my niche (liking, commenting GENUINELY not just emojis or copy + pasting, responding to stories), sticking to a consistent posting schedule, + always using a variety of hashtags + locations helped me grow organically.

To learn how to find your niche, read my article "How to Find Your Instagram Niche"!

How do I create a Business Instagram account?

1. Log into your Facebook account + create a Business Page with the same name as your Instagram account. (Adjust privacy settings for this page as you’d like.)

2. Log into your Instagram > Click the hamburger icon in the top right on your profile > Settings > Account > Switch to Business Account

3. Connect your Facebook page to your Instagram Business Account

4. Done! You now have an option on your profile for followers to contact you via email or phone (adjust these options by clicking “Edit Profile”). You can also view your insights + see how many people your posts are reaching.

How did you start initially? I find myself nervous what my “real life friends” will think.

I just jumped right in! It was very intimidating + out of my comfort zone, but I had been thinking about starting a blog for a long time + figured there was nothing to lose! I picked a niche, color scheme, + hit the ground running!

As for what your real friends will think, they aren’t your real friends if they don’t support you following your passion. I’ve had several “real” friends unfollow me once I became more active on social media, but the ones who truly love me cheered me on along the way. You have to prepare yourself for people to unfollow you once you start posting consistently. Some people won’t like seeing you post all the time + guess what? That’s their loss! That being said, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! It’s scary but you will be so proud of yourself in the end.

Side note: your “real” friends may poke fun at you + that’s okay! They are seeing a new side of you + they might feel unsure about this new side of you, so they use humor to break the ice. You’ll find that when you stay consistent + they see your hard work, they’ll start to take you more seriously. It just takes time!

How did you start collaborating with brands?

I highly recommend focusing most of your energy in the beginning on developing your personal brand + growing your account. Companies will reach out to you with gifting opportunities (you’ll get DMs from a lot of low-cost jewelry companies, fitness companies, etc). It’s up to you if you want to accept the gifts (aka a company will send you a product for free but you have to post about it), but only do so if you truly believe in the product + believe your followers would enjoy hearing about it. Your followers want to see that you are being authentic, not just taking anything thrown your way. Stick to partnering with brands that are in your niche + that are true to you.

I didn’t accept my first partnership until about six months into my blogging journey. At that point, I felt supported by my following + confident in my brand. Once you feel confident with your personal brand, read my article “How I Landed a VS PINK Partnership!”!

How long did it take you to grow to where you are?

I started taking my Instagram seriously in January of 2019 with less than 1,000 followers. It took me about a year to get to 10,000 followers. My motivation + consistency fluctuated, just like it will for anyone starting out. It can get very disheartening when you don’t grow as fast as you’d like to, but just know that you will grow with time!

Of course I wish I was growing even faster (as does everyone else!), but I’m glad I grew at the rate I did because I was constantly learning. If I had grown too fast, I would have been so lost + not utilizing all the tools I gained along the way.

Do you post every single day?

I tried to post every day, yes! Key word: TRY! It’s good to try to get something posted every day but do not beat yourself up if you can’t. #QualityOverQuantity

But if you do post more often, your content stays relevant + gets pushed further up on your followers’ feeds. Instagram is like this: the more you post, the more you get “rewarded”.

Do you think I need a blog?

This is an interesting question! I want to answer it in two parts:

Part One: Instagram vs. Website

Some people consider Instagram in itself to be their blog + that’s all they have (which is totally cool!). I, on the other hand, consider Instagram to be an extension of my “real blog” which is my website ( aka what you’re reading on now!). My followers use my Instagram for access into my daily life + inspo & use my website to read about my various passions, get advice, + find direct links to the products I love.

Part Two: Goal Setting

Should you have a website blog? YES! But, I’ve found that’s it’s best to tackle one goal at a time, rather than taking everything on at once. Building a website is a huge challenge + a ton of fun, but also a huge time commitment. I suggest that once you feel confident in your editing skills, brand, + rate of growth, you should then focus on creating an on-brand website blog. Create weekly or monthly goals that will keep you on track to getting to this step!

Should I use

For those of you new to blogging, you will quickly see that a lot of your fellow bloggers use an app called LiketoKnowIt. Basically, this app allows you to post pictures + link the exact products you’re wearing or using. If your followers click your LiketoKnowIt link + purchase anything you posted, you will earn commission! So awesome!

LiketoKnowIt is great for most bloggers, but especially perfect for bloggers who focus on fashion +/or lifestyle. It’s a bit of learning curve when you are getting started, but once you get the hang of it it’s an awesome platform! I teach you how to use it in my blog “How to Use LiketoKnowIt”.

An example of LiketoKnow.It products embedded into my blog:


What is a preset?

A pre-made combination of filters, lighting adjustments, and other editing tools put together to use on pictures to give them a professional, aesthetic look. Presets are used in the Lighroom app (available on mobile + desktop).

All of my presets for sale can be found by by clicking HERE!

How do I edit my pictures?

I created my own easy-to-use presets that you can apply in one click in the Lightroom app. After purchasing, you will receive an easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial video on how to edit pictures in the Lightroom app.

All of my presets can be found by by clicking HERE!

What presets do you use?

I worked hard on designing easy-to-use presets of my own + I use them on all of my pictures! When you purchase my presets, I also send you a  tutorial on how to apply them.

All of my presets can be found by by clicking HERE!

Do you use the same exact preset on every photo?

I cannot stress this enough (as I sell my own presets that are magical + amazing!) but… presets never work perfectly on every picture! They create an incredible base edit, but you will most likely have to make easy adjustments. Every picture in the universe has different lighting, time of day, location, etc. so obviously settings are going to need adjusting when you apply a preset.

I personally do not use the same preset on every photo. I have several preset packs for sale HERE + test out each one on my photos to see which one looks the best. Then, I make adjustments here + there! It’s a super easy process once you get familiar with the process.

What apps/websites do you use?

1. Instagram (obviously lol): where I post daily pictures + share stories to give my followers insight into my life

2. Pinterest: where I upload my IG pictures + link to this blog to drive traffic

3. YouTube: where I share tutorials

4. where you will find your profile + the profiles/products posted by other bloggers

5. rewardStyle: the parent app to; aka the blogger login portal where I upload my IG outfits, share product links, + see commission

6. Wix: the platform I used to make this blog

7. Sellfy: where I upload + sell my presets (I also have my presets for sale embedded on my website)

8. Lightroom: app I use to edit my pictures

9. PicsArt: additional app I use to edit my pictures

10. Spacie: app I use to create caption breaks on my Instagram captions

11. StoryArt: app I use to create aesthetic Instagram stories

12. UNUM: app I use to pre-plan my Instagram pictures

Alright guys! The longest (most boring lol!) blog ever but probably one of the more helpful ones! I hope these answers do help you get started on your blogging journey.

And as always, if you have any questions still or if you just want to be friends, send me a DM on Instagram HERE!