Best Halloween Costumes 2020

Halloween has always been (and will always be!) one of my favorite holidays! I love planning my costume out months in advance- don't judge me please lol.

Here are some of my favorite individual, couple, + group costumes from over the years! Some of them involve some DIY-ing while others just need a few pieces ordered!


#1: The Scooby Doo Gang

#2: Fred + Daphne

#3: "The Bachelorette"

#4: "The Bachelorette" + Contestant

#5: Astronaut + Alien

#6: Space Queen

#7: Oktoberfest

#8: Bubblegum Machine

Thank you so much for reading my blog "Best Halloween Costumes 2020"! I hope you enjoyed it + have a wonderful time celebrating your Halloween.

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