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Social media blogging or "influencing" can mean many different things depending on who you ​ask. In my opinion, being an influencer means more than just making money off of products by monetizing your platform. I believe that the most successful influencers only use their level of influence to share with their followers the people, places, + products they truly believe in and support- and I do the same. 

When you are looking at this blog or my Instagram, you can feel confident knowing that what I'm sharing with you is always going to be my honest opinion, because I only put my name on things that I love. 








#NeutrogenaPartner If you’re like me, yo
#PetCanvaPartner I love getting personal

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brand partnership with Neutrogena

If you are an aspiring influencer, your first step is to do the same. Decide ahead of time that you will only work with brands that you care about. Your followers will see your authenticity and your following will grow with time. Bigger brands will also see your authenticity + devoted following and want to work with you! Patience is a virtue. I have been blogging since December 2018 + have grown my following from the ground up by being my true self. To help others...


I have developed some wonderful tools and compiled them into "The Blogger Basics" to help new influencers become successful in the social media world!

the blogger basics